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Research the Power of Music in Ann Patchett’s Bel Canto - 1375 Words

Research the Power of Music in Ann Patchett’s Bel Canto (Essay Sample) Content: NameInstructorClass/courseDateThe Power of Music in Ann Patchetts Bel CantoThe novel opens in South America, in a birthday concert that was organized for economic reasons- to lure a Japanese tycoon Mr. Katsumi Hosokawa to invest in a factory that will improve the economy of the region by creating employment opportunities. In attendance, was supposed to be the president who changes his mind in the last minute but the party goes on because it was based on an opera performance, which attracted people from all various walks of life. However, the party is interrupted by a terrorist attack but the insurgents plan of kidnapping the countrys president to extort the release of political prisoners does not work as planned because of the presidents absence. Nevertheless, they continue with their agenda by holding guests hostage. After months of the insurgency, terrorist and their victims start forming unlikely affiliations; toning down the hostility inflicted upon victims. Anyon e who knew this organization- the terrorists- had the unspoken belief that they were as good as dead (Patchett 13). The affiliations and collaborative routines between the victims of the terrorists are attributed to Roxanes singing, which seemed to dissolve the lines that divided the oppressors and the oppressed. This essay will examine the power of music as presented by Ann Patchetts novel Bel Canto. Music has been given a unifying factor between unlikely groups of people in an unlikely environment.Music has been given the ability to reach people more effectively than words could.Instead of using business meetings and other political or diplomatic forums to get investors to for the factory, a birthday concert was used to lure them to hear an American Soprano. Therefore, Patchett creates a perception that it was only music that could influence the rich, such as Hosokawa and the politically powerful such as the president of the country and other politicians and diplomats, to meet and discuss on projects that could benefit the local people. Despite his financial power and influence, Hosokawa is portrayed as a man with the greatest weakness for opera. He has been enticed to come to South America with a promise to hear the American Soprano- Roxane Coss- sing. Therefore, his greatest weakness has become Americans most prized bargaining chip since Roxane Coss is available at a considerable cost to induce Hosokawa build a factory.Music is not only given the ability to gradually dissolve the hostility of the oppressors on the oppressed; it is also given the ability to transform hatred or division across different divides into romantic entanglements and/or collaborative routines. During the months that the aggressor held guests hostage, Roxane Coss performance gradually turned them into Opera enthusiasts and they started inquiring more about Opera and some realized they had singing talents which they had not realized before (Patchett 70). Although it could be argued t hat the aggressors dissolving hostility was because they finally realized that they could not achieve what they had come for, it is undeniable that Roxane Cosss high-pitched performances had helped both the captors and hostages find commonality in Opera. She had gradually induced them to only forming affiliations with hostages, but also deciding to take something else instead, something that they never in their lives knew that they wanted until they crouched in the low, dark shaft of the air-conditioning vents: opera (Patchett 71). On the other hand, one of the teenage insurgents discovered that he had a talent for singing and became Roxane Coss apprentice and Gen Watanabe was romantically involved with Carmen, one of the female insurgents. As highlighted, Roxanes Soprano was the main reason Hosokawa attended the party to hear her sing, but they finally fell in love during the months of insurgency. In addition, Hosokawa became the pet chess opponent of the leader of the terrorists i ndicating that music had gradually blurred the lines between the captors and the hostages as the latter decided to take something different from what they had come for.Ann Patchett portrays music as a means of penetrating every aspect of human life including cultural and linguistic divides. Roxane Coss audience comprised of people of different nationalities, languages, and cultures, who had traveled to listen to American Opera. For instance, Mr, Hosokawa was Japanese and worked with Gen Watanabe to translate the world around him. On the other hand, the captors spoke Spanish and Quechua while the hostages were of different nationalities because they were assembled from a group of multinational CEOs, diplomats, politicians, and other 58 hostages fell under Russian, Japanese, French, Italian, and German speaking. Therefore, Roxane Coss audience was multilingual. In order to facilitate communication, Hosokawa depended on Gens translations to understand the surrounding and the captors ap pointed Gen to act not only as their secretary but also mediate between them and the multilingual groups, Although Roxane Coss understood only English, she was capable of singing in a wide range of languages to suit the needs of her audience. Unlike Gens translation abilities of only conveying messages from one language to another at one specific time, Roxane Coss singing gave her the ability to communicate to all groups of people, both captors and hostages, at once. Although she did not communicate semantics, her singing had the ability to channel and communicate feels, generating a universal sense of understanding that united the insurgents and the hostages. Besides influencing gradual blurring of the lines between the captors and hostages, Roxane Coss had also influenced the community through penetrating every house and life through her recordings. Therefore music is portrayed as an agent of change in a community because it mobilizes people in a more effective manner than any oth er diplomatic or political process because it appeals to peoples feelings and emotions (Goldman, 60; Kawakami, Furukawa, and Okanoya, 4).Music has the power to transcend evil. Terrorism had the power to divide the guests and the captors, leading to potential harm but music evened the differences between captors and hostages by giving them a common bonding factor. Roxane Coss embraced and used the surface melody of her singing to obscure the captors powers and became a spokesperson for every group. On the other hand, it could be argued that she was a mere puppet because she sang the thoughts of those wr...

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Examples Of Everyday Tragedy - 732 Words

Everyday Tragedy When a person thinks of tragedy the thing that flows to mind is death and destruction. Even though this way of thinking is valid, there are several ways to analyze the concept of tragedy. Tragedy is when one suffers an unexpected punishment that has merged together through ones actions. Arthur Miller believes that tragedy can happen to any type of person if youre rich or if youre poor, no matter what, it can happen to all of us. Arthur shows this to us in the book Death of a Salesman where the common man meets the fate of modern day tragedy. In the story Death of a Salesman, Arthur shows that tragedy is not for those who have power, it goes for anyone. People used to think that tragedy would go to those who have†¦show more content†¦This is how Arthur shows us his definition of tragedy that can happen to the average man. I believe in Miller’s definition of tragedy and the way he showed it to us was a good piece of evidence in this definition. The life of Willy Loman was tragic in my eyes, actually in a way I can see him as my dad. My dad works hard to make sure my mom and I live in a good environment by working hard. Everyday, he comes back tired and stressed but still keeps on going. Willy is a good father and husband trying to make his family live a happy life and make sure they have no troubles and live in peace. Even for the sake of his own life he will do anything for his familys happiness. Which through his actions he sadly led himself to his tragic fate, trading his life for his family’s happiness. The reason why he killed himself was to make sure Biff could have a good startup in business and make lots of money so he can live a life without stress. Arthur Millers meaning of tragedy says that tragedy can happen to any type of man, it doesn’t matter how people see you in life it can still happen. In the story, we see the life of a common man having your everyday struggles and working hard to have good things in life. His tragedy was made through his actions to try and make sure his family is high up in life. Which led him to his demise,Show MoreRelatedThe Heroes Of A Hero1082 Words   |  5 Pageseach person you ask. In my opinion, there are three different heroes today. There are the heroes you read about in books and watch in movies such as The Avengers and X-Men, and there are the everyday heroes such as doctors, police, and soldiers. There are also tragic heroes. Shakespeare is famous for his tragedies and tragic heroes in them. The traits that make a character a hero in today’s society is, someone who is brave and courageous, strong and fearless selfless, and always wanting to help someoneRead MoreThe Evolutio n Of Greek Theater1576 Words   |  7 Pagesconsidered to be one of the building blocks for our theater today. The advancements that the Greeks possessed in the early fifth century were the start of western theater. The Greeks were heavily involved with religion and religious festivals, comedies, tragedies, climatic drama, and took the outdoor amphitheater and made many improvements to its structure. In Ancient Greece religion and theater went hand in hand. The Greeks developed religion that was based on worship of many Gods. In honor of the GodsRead MoreArgumentative Essay On Gun Control1610 Words   |  7 Pagestopic. There is one side that believes that guns should be banned in order to stop any future tragedies from occurring. On the other hand, there is another side that believes guns are our cherished right to own and we should be allowed to use them freely. Even though many gun advocates believe that guns should be used in its continued free fashion, there are many tragic events occurring in the US almost everyday, that should lead to the scrutinization of guns. The Second Amendment states, â€Å"A well regulatedRead More Death of a Salesman Structure Metaphoric Language and Theme1542 Words   |  7 Pageswith him. In front of Willy’s grave Happy vows to continue Willy’s dream. â€Å" He had a good dream. It’s the only dream you can have- to come out the number-one man. He fought it out here, and this is where I’m gonna win it for him.† Willy Loman is an example of the middle class man caught as a victim of society where the odds are against him, a â€Å"has-been†. As a victim he unwillingly suppressed himself and his family in a web of lies and false pride. Although he never discovered his own ignorance and inRead MoreLiterary Vs. Real Life Heroes1618 Words   |  7 Pagesthrough centuries of stories. A hero is usually seen as the â€Å"good† guy or the savior. They exhibit heroic behaviors. A literary hero can be critiqued into many different forms of literary heroes. Real life heroes are people in everyday life that do nobel exhibits in everyday life that people see as heroic. Both literary and real life heros have some similarities and differences. Which strikes the question What makes a hero different in literature compared to a real life hero? A modern real life heroRead MoreMisinterpretation and Its Consequences567 Words   |  3 PagesJulius Caesar Theme Analysis Essay Misinterpretations are the root of all tragedies, especially Julius Caesar. They have severe consequences like the loss of innocent lives, conflicts between friends, all the way to our inability to discern our friends from our foes. Each of these misinterpreting concepts is demonstrated in Julius Caesar. Cinna the poet’s death, Brutus’s betrayal, and Cassius’s misunderstanding of Titinius’s death are all scenarios that portray the theme of misinterpretation andRead MoreFamily And My Family1010 Words   |  5 Pagesmight think. Alice walker’s everyday use is a story about a family whose problem may not that different than most families. Mama and her daughters have an appreciation for their heritage, but they struggle to see each other point of view in â€Å"Everyday use† the fictitious family and my family have some similarities and differences concerning Differing perspective, Hard working parents and issue family . One of the first ways my family is similar to the family in† Everyday use† involves Hard workingRead MoreComparing Jez Butterworth s 2009 Traditional Three Act1097 Words   |  5 Pageswe can only assume is Johnny s suicide, showing that the play can no longer be just a comedy. As Charles Spencer writing for the Daily Telegraph in 2009 said, â€Å"You are never quite sure whether you are watching a rambunctious comedy or a terrible tragedy in the making.† The main plot itself, Johnny fighting to keep possession of his land can be mirrored to reflect the destruction of rural life, and the rising power of modern life. The sub-plot of the play, Phaedra and the abuse she receives from herRead MoreDisenfranchisement in Haiti Essay904 Words   |  4 Pagesplaces throughout the world. Although saddening, people face tragedies that cause them to lose things most important to them every day. For example, when the earthquake in Haiti struck, the people of Haiti lost ever ything they considered valuable. Having faced many obstacles, Haitian people dealt with the disenfranchisement of their pride and their possessions; there are endless amounts of literature that reference to the tragedies that occurred in Haiti and how these mishaps have affected theRead MoreAristotle’s Poetics Influence on the Ancient World1141 Words   |  5 PagesAristotle presents the argument that tragedies are superior to epics. While tragedies and epics are characterized in similar ways they also have their differences. â€Å"A tragedy, then, is the imitation of an action that is serious and also, as having magnitude, complete in itself; in language with pleasurable accessories, each kind brought in separately in the parts of the work; in a dramatic, not in a narrative form; with incidents arousing pity and fear, wherewith to accomplish its catharsis of such

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Child Suffering From An Anxiety Disorder - 882 Words

The client, Janine, is a 28 year old woman suffering from an anxiety disorder. She finds herself constantly worrying about the status of her home, being late to work despite waking up an hour before departure, any possible accidents which may lead to her death, and various scenarios which lead to unfortunate events. She states that she has been married for about 10 years to her college sweetheart. She has no children due to her worries of complications during childbearing and raising children. She explains that she worries whether her children will be considered normal, pretty, or crazy. She describes her marriage as ‘hell’ because she feels like her husband does not support her. She does not mention any other family member besides her husband when asked about her family. Janine holds a job as a tax accountant. She works from 6am to 11pm, and recently she has been bringing her work home. This is due to her thoughts constantly interfering with her concentration on tasks. Recently work has been overwhelming for her since there is no method for reliev ing stress. She states that her husband does not help her with housework, which adds to the stress from work. In fact, she does not see her husband often which prompts her to worry if her husband is having an affair. She is not on medication at the moment; however, she used to take Xanax once every morning for 2 years. As for meals, she states that she only eats quarry, animals hunted for food, and that she does not eat vegetables.Show MoreRelatedSeparation Anxiety As A Medical Condition1143 Words   |  5 Pagescould this be separation anxiety. Separation Anxiety Disorder is a medical condition were children usually ranging in ages from 8 months to 14 years of age have distress when they are away from their parents and/or caregiver. Separation Anxiety can affect a person’s life dramatically by limiting them from engaging in ordinary day-to-day activities. Children with separation anxiety disorder may become severely anxious and agitated even when just anticipating being a way from their home or primary caregiverRead MoreThe Effects Of Mental Health Counseling On Children Essay1539 Words   |  7 Pagescareer, anxiety in social situations, and the misuse and abuse of substances are all reasons someone may seek professional help from a clinician. The problem with these examples is that these are mostly â€Å"adult† issues. What happens is a child is suffering with anxiety in the classroom or a sadness they can’t shake? Children and adolescents are often thought to be carefree and absent of worry. Parents and other adults in their lives try to filter the negativity they experience. Cushioning them from a worldRead MoreObsessive Compulsive Disorder ( Ocd )1343 Words   |  6 PagesAnxiety disorders are so incapacitating and have many different types of categories in its self with its own unique sets of symptoms. Anxiety can become so rigorous that it can begin to affect relationships and even a person’s life. Some known are: obse ssive-compulsive disorder (OCD), panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social phobia (or social anxiety disorder), specific phobias, and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) disorders are some of the most commonly seen (FrequentlyRead MorePsychological Disorders Presentation1390 Words   |  6 PagesRunning head: PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS PRESENTATION Psychological Disorders Presentation Debra Baker University of Phoenix Introduction to Behavioral Science BEH/225 Katherine Malish June 23, 2010 Psychological Disorders Presentation For many millennia psychological disorders, also called mental disorders have been misunderstood. Used to, people suffering from such disorders were thought to be demonically possessed or they were accused of being a witch. Many of these unfortunateRead MoreEssay on Generalized Anxiety Disorder1575 Words   |  7 PagesRachel is a forty-six year old, African American. Rachel suffers from generalized anxiety disorder. She lives with her two college-age daughters in a dangerous neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. Rachel only leaves the house typically between two and four times a month, usually to get her monthly haircut, gets a few items at the grocery store, or goes see her primary doctor. Whenever she needs something, food or otherwise, she has one of her daughters go do it for her. In the past two yearsRead MoreMy Girl, Vada Sultenfuss Models880 Words   |  4 PagesSultenfuss models the symptoms commonly used to diagnose Illness Anxiety Disorder. However, she does n ot possess this psychological abnormality. As portrayed in the film, Vada exhibits thoughts and behaviors that are not typical of an eleven year old girl. At first glance, she may seem mentally sick to the viewer. Upon further examination however, it is clear to see that is not the case. The odd behaviors modeled by this young child are actually a cry for attention, and there are many aspects of thisRead MoreTaking a Look at Teenage Depression1434 Words   |  6 PagesDepression: a debilitating mental and physical disorder. Depression: an illness that has an uncountable amount of treatments within reach of anyone who suffers, yet in the US alone over 2000 children between the age of 10 and 19 completed in ending their life (National Alliance on Mental Illness). As Kevin Breel speaks about his struggle with trying to allow himself to get the help he needed in his TED Talk, it begs the question: How many teenagers suffer from depression? According to the National ComorbidityRead More Obsessive Compulsive Disorder : A Type Of Severe Anxiety Disorder1577 Words   |  7 PagesObsessive-Compulsive disorder is a type of severe anxiety disorder that impacts an individual’s entire life and way of functioning. Obsessions are considered intrusive and recurrent thoughts or impulses that cannot be removed through reasoning. Compulsions are the repetitive and ritualistic behaviors and actions that associate with the obsessions. These compulsions are to be performed according to specific rules or methods and are thought to prevent or reduce stress and feared situations. Both compulsionsRead MoreMental Illness Affects Numerous Individuals In America,1424 Words   |  6 Pageswith a serious illness (Mental health facts in America, n.d). Many of these adults suffering with a mental illness also play the role of a mother, father, or caregiver. According to Costea (2011), â€Å"†¦31% of American women and about 17% of men have a 12-month prevalence of at least one psychiatric disorder, and of those 65% are mothers and 52% are fathers†. However, research focuses on the individuals suffering from a mental illness, and often overlooks the patient’s children and the distress the parents’Read MoreAnalysis Of Vargas Family Case Study Essay1043 Words   |  5 Pagesteaches clients such as children suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) the skills of how to control their negative behaviors (Grant, n.d.). Evidence-based Models†¦ a) Behavioral Therapy.. Target demographic ï‚ ´ Children from the ages of 3 to 12 years suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and in the case of Cognitive behavioral therapy for children between 9 and 18 suffering from anxiety disorders. ï‚ ´ Target audience from the Vargas family in this scenario

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Acceleration by Graham Mcnamee Essay - 1333 Words

1. Write the summary of the book that you read. * Duncan, Vinny, and Wayne are all friends working - or wasting time - the summer before senior year in high school. Duncan is the soul, Vinny the brains, and Wayne the muscle. At the end of the previous summer, Duncan tried to save a drowning girl and failed. Not being a hero has really affected his life, particularly his relationship with his girlfriend Kim. Also, he is now terrified of swimming, especially when the nightmares come back. Duncans summer job is with the public transit lost and found. While trying to make the hours go faster, Duncan looks through the items, especially the books and golf clubs. One day he discovers an unmarked journal with no name, which depicts sadistic†¦show more content†¦His conscience also doesnt spare him when he does anything wrong. Two years ago when he was unsuccessful in saving a drowning girl, it haunts him. His conscience bites him that he could have saved one life. This shows that Duncan is a nice person and is willing to save any one. Also Duncan is very caring about her girlfriend and takes care and watches out for her. Also when he found out about the serial killer, he was determined to save the targets that he was planning to kill. HeShow MoreRelatedAcceleration by Graham McNamee Essay1323 Words   |  6 PagesAcceleration by Graham McNamee * Duncan, Vinny, and Wayne are all friends working - or wasting time - the summer before senior year in high school. Duncan is the soul, Vinny the brains, and Wayne the muscle. At the end of the previous summer, Duncan tried to save a drowning girl and failed. Not being a hero has really affected his life, particularly his relationship with his girlfriend Kim. Also, he is now terrified of swimming, especially when the nightmares come back. Duncans summer job is

The Impact Of Legislation On An Organization - 854 Words

Impact of Legislation on Organization Richard Anthony CSIA 412 Prof. Andrea Simpson March 29, 2015 Introduction In the past decade, every individual, and organizations did paperwork with a typewriter and a cabinet or book shelf to store their files. These days our old ways is been replaced by computers and databases or cloud. This in order words mean that government organization like the department of veterans affairs do their workload with computer, databases as to the old days. This modern change makes some organization vulnerable to attackers. In other to reduce these treats from the attackers, cybersecurity rules and regulations were created to protect data stored within networks from attackers. In May 12 of 2011, the cybersecurity legislative proposal was created by the White House in order to US citizens from cyber-attack. In this project, three points will be selected from the cybersecurity legislative proposal that will impact the veterans Affairs information security program. This project will analyze the impact on the Veteran Affairs modern information security program. The VA provide benefits to military veterans and their families. Points of Analysis First point of analysis First policy to analyze is â€Å"Specific Criminalization of Damaging Critical Infrastructure Computers†. This policy makes attacks that affect confidentially, integrity and availability to a critical infrastructure computer illegal and punishable by jail time andShow MoreRelatedSarbanes Oxley Federal Law1073 Words   |  5 Pagestechnology organizations extremely profitable. However, the financial success of any organization including information technology organizations depends not only on demand for the services but also on a number of other factors. One of these factors is federal law. Federal laws aim at regulating all the business processes starting from controlling transactions and ending by protecting investors. This paper aims to explain the impact that one of such federal laws known as the Sarbanes-Oxley legislation hasRead MoreImpact Of Legislation On State Of Maryland1210 Words   |  5 PagesImpact of Legislation on State of Maryland 1. Introduction. The purpose of this paper is to research and evaluate the legislative drivers for information security programs of State of Maryland in order to improve the information security policy to prevent loss of the confidentiality, integrity and availability of agency operations, organizational assets or individuals with new amendments in legislation. This paper elaborates the objectives of five proposals that would impact the information securityRead MoreEssay on The Sarbanes-Oxley Act852 Words   |  4 PagesThere are so many organizations today that are using the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) legislation that helps to safeguard their company and their financial records. The Sarbanes-Oxley act began in 2002 and the purpose behind this act was to protect organizations, it had a major impact on accounting and record keeping. Because of Enron, they passed this act for publicly-traded corporations to better implement control to their enterprise data. â€Å"Named after Senator Paul Sarbanes and Re presentative MichaelRead MoreU.s. Government Legislation And Policy Environment Essay903 Words   |  4 PagesOverview This case study provides a brief overview of the U.S. government legislation and policy environment as well as impacts on an organization. The essential legal policies for instituting an information security policy for any organization, regardless of tax status, such as commercial, non-profit entity or a federal agency and how those policies, both governmental and organizational, can impact an organization’s ability to ensure the integral information security triad of confidentialityRead MoreLegal Aspects Of Medical Legal Partnerships1452 Words   |  6 Pagesespecially in vulnerable populations. MLPs have three core components (Lawton Tyler, 2013; Sandel et al., 2010). The first component is legal advice and assistance, which is meant to address the legal needs of individual patients and positively impact individuals’ health. Legal professionals work as consultants and can provide legal representation for patients (Lawton Tyler, 2013). The second component is imp roving health care systems and legal and health institutions (Lawton Tyler, 2013; SandelRead MorePersonal Information On Health Care Organizations Essay1694 Words   |  7 PagesPersonal information should be kept as long as necessary. 6) Accuracy: Health care organization must make effort to reduce the risk when incorrect personal information is used or disclosed. 7) Safeguards: Health care organizations must protect personal information from loss or theft. They must create safeguards to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification. 8) Openness: Health care organizations must make their privacy policies readily available to Canadians. 9) IndividualRead MoreThe Level Of Activity At The National Level Essay1366 Words   |  6 Pagesassociated with chronic disease which can be prevented by healthy lifestyle choices. Current trends that will have an impact on Trinity Community Hospital (TCH) include provider shortages, the push for evidence based practice, Meaningful Use, changes in reimbursement, patient safety initiatives, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the aging population, Accountable Care Organizations (ACO’s), Healthcare Home Initiatives, and Value Based Purchasing. There are three primary factors driving these trends;Read MoreEvaluation Of My Own Performance1257 Words   |  6 Pagesevaluating my own performance in the interview, providing strengths and areas for improvement. On top of that, providing information how to develop the areas for improvement. Also, this assignment will contain the assessment of legislations and regulations, also how legislations impact businesses in recruitment and selection processes. Finally, it contains retention processes. P4: Evaluation of my own performance in the interview Despite the fact that there was no time to prepare for the interview asRead MoreSecurity Legislations And Standards Of The Internet1407 Words   |  6 Pagessecurity legislations and standards since the Internet became more affordable enough and easy enough to access. It’s what you would say when everything is â€Å"free game† for anyone or anything. Even though there are plenty of laws on the books, enforcing them is another challenge (Shinder, 2011). While information security plays an important role in protecting data and assets of an organization, this changing world of technology comes with an increase in threats posing more of a need for legislation to dealRead MoreRole of Governance Essay997 Words   |  4 Pages Role of Governance in Health Care Organizations Jovonia Bellamy Grand Canyon University (Online) HCA 545 Organizational Structure, Dynamics, and Effectiveness September 3, 2013 There are many concerns when developing a team, no matter what the team is especially in health care organizations, the team that should be in place is a team of members qualified to make an impact. Running a health care organization is one that is complex and requires a team. It is important

Beware witch hunt in sessio Essay Example For Students

Beware witch hunt in sessio Essay Beware, Witch Hunt in Sessionâ€Å"On March 1, 1950, The New York Times reports that†¦John E. Peurifoy, in charge of the State Department security program, was asked by a Senate Committee how many department employees had resigned while under investigation as security risks since the beginning of 1947. â€Å"Ninety-one persons in the shady category†¦most of these were homosexuals.†Ã¢â‚¬Å"On April 19, a Times news story is headed: Perverts Called Government Peril†¦Guy George Gabrielson, Republican National Chairman, asserted today that â€Å"sexual perverts who have infiltrated our Government in recent years† were â€Å"perhaps as dangerous as the actual Communists.†Ã¢â‚¬Å"On May 5, the Times reports that New York State’s Republican Governor Dewey accused the Democratic national administration of tolerating spies, traitors and sex offenders in the Government service. (Katz, 91-93)At work you completely avoided people. If you did make friends , you had to be sure never to bring them home, never to tell them who and what you really were. We were all terrified in those days. Lyn on new York in the 60’s. When I was arrested and being thrown out of the military, the order went out: don’t anybody speak to this woman, and for those three long months, almost nobody did; the dayroom, when I entered it, fell silent till I had gone; they were afraid, they knew the wind would blow them over the rail, the cops would come, the water would run into their lungs. Everything I touched was spoiled. They were my lovers, those women, but nobody had taught us to swim. I drowned. I took 3 or 4 others down when I signed the confession of what we had done together. No one will ever speak to me again. Judy Grahn on the military in the 1950’s (Faderman, 130)Thus began the decade of the 1950’s. A time in our history when paranoia concerning national security ran high and feelings of fear ran deep. The threat of Communism to the American way of life became top priority to certain government officials. Certain groups of people were targeted as deviants, national security risks and social outcasts. This was a time when cold war tensions dominated our political institutions and sexuality fell under public scrutiny. Homosexuality became a controversial, effective political tool used by a powerful rightwing political machine to discredit a democratic administration and emphasize to the American public that homosexuals, like Communists, were an imminent threat to moral, domestic tranquility. Homosexuality became enmeshed in the public’s mind with communism. It became the top destroyer of the family structure and created weak links in an otherwise solid impenetrable government structure. Why and how did a society of free people tolerate, accept and even encourage the public and private humiliation of and discrimination against a specific group of American citizens? In order to examine these questions, we need to look at the social, economic, political, and sexual mindset of our society. The Depression Era created vast impoverishment, economic dislocations, fewer marriages and fewer births. The traditional family structure received a severe blow, whereas some families banded together, many broke up or never began as a result of the economic climate. One of our basic institutions was in jeopardy of being lost in the despair of poverty. World War II was devastating to the young male populations (i.e. separation from family, loss of life) it brought about some radical changes in the area of gender norms, whereby women entered the labor market in mass numbers, working in all types of factories and shipyards. Their contributions to the war effort were numerous and vital to a successful American military war effort. For the first time in modern history, women were working in more male dominated roles than ever and making more money than they ever had. Women were participating in previously restricted public spheres and becoming economically independent, women were now more than mothers and housewives, they were productive members of an ailing labor force, which gave them a sense of power and autonomy that was threatening to a white, male patriarchy. â€Å"†¦Families endured prolonged separations, divorce and desertion occurred more frequently, and the trend toward sexual permissiveness accelerated. Juvenile delinquency emerged as a perplexing social problem, and the rate of premarital pregnancy and illegitimacy rose.† (D’Emilio, 233)While the public was being presented with radical gender and social changes, the government began utilizing the field of psychiatry as a credible tool in analyzing what they considered to be the breakdown of the traditional nuclear family, and more importantly, the breakdown of the patriarchal system. The physical war itself contributed to specific allotments of space. The companies of men and women fighting the hard battles found themselves in sex-segregated situations that may have been a factor in creating more opportunity for homosexual individuals to band together. In the field and the labor market, there was more opportunity for same sex friendships to develop and sexual intimacy between the same sex was more possible. In the post war years, there is not doubt or lack of evidence to support the notion that a gay subculture was emerging. â€Å"The evidence to support this contention is accumulating as the exploration of the social history of the gay subculture progresses.† (D’Emilio, 234) The networks and communities of gay men and lesbians were emerging, as the need for identification, validation and social rapport grew increasingly stronger in light of government and public oppression. These networks were necessary if gays and lesbians wanted to survive, even thrive in a hostile society. Another factor contributing to the willingness of gays to surface on a public level was the 1948 publication by Alfred Kinsey on human sexual behavior. Kinsey’s findings, particularly his portrait of the sexual identity of the American male must have been extremely alarming for moral conservatives. According to Kinsey, The homosexual has been a significant part of human sexual activity since the dawn of history, primarily because it is an expression of capacities that are basic in the human animal. (Bergher, 179) Kinseys survey introduced many foreign ideas to the American public. There were more gay men than previously thought and homosexuality was a basic human instinct. This was a frightening, almost heretical, concept to introduce in a society undergoing radical gender changes. In summary, out of the 1930s and 1940s came many factors that created specific social, economic and political needs that clamored to be met. Some of the factors included:? The economic and social realities of the depression. ? World War II. ? Emergence of a gay subculture. However, these are not inclusive, but only some of the factors that help make up the complex political and social structure that emerged in the 1950s. How and in what way was the government helping to meet the publics needs for a safe environment, a booming economy, family stability, the opportunity to achieve the American Dream? According to DEmilio, the government †¦set their minds on achieving a stable international order and prosperous domestic economy†¦policies that political leaders pursued in the international arena helped to condition their response to domestic instability. The rhetoric about Communist aggression abroad inevitably fed concerns about subversion at home and justified extraordinary measures. (DEmilio, 235) The Cold War was underway, Communism was the enemy of American ideals, it held the potential to completely destroy the American way of life, thereby reducing our society to lawless, godless robots who either bowed down to a terroristic body of government or lost their life. To many Americans, the thought of this happening to Washington and Jeffersons country was justification for fighting the Red M enace by any means necessary, even if some of those methods resembled their communist counterparts. America was beginning an ill-fated crusade against anyone thought to be Communist or anyone that presented a threat to American values, including homosexuals. The pens of right-wing ideologies transformed homosexuality into an epidemic infecting the nation, actively spread by Communists to sap the strength of the next generation. (DEmilio, 232)The federal and state governments enacted legislation, held hearings and prosecuted individuals on heresy, thereby trampling the constitutional rights of homosexuals and those thought to be homosexual. The FBI, policy departments and the military gathered information, harassed, and coerced people into identifying themselves as homosexuals and naming others, ruining careers and lives in the process. Even the post office was part of the conspiracy, tampering with and tracing the mail of private individuals for the purpose of identifying homosexual s. Who and why were the powers of Government so bent on weeding out gays? Was it just in order to make the public feel safe at home due to the post war changes or were there more sinister and unethical schemes at work?One of the leading and most powerful figures representing the crusade against the spread of Communism was Joseph McCarthy, a Wisconsin Republican Senator whose relentlessness and cruel attack toward homosexuals were reminiscent of Hitler. To McCarthy, communism and homosexuality were synonymous with enemies of America. He not only felt justified in his actions but felt it was his duty as an American politician to define. He wielded unsubstantiated information against hundreds of so-called homosexuals in the federal government but never revealed or proved any individual of being communist. Unfortunately, it is at vulnerable times in history that charismatic, fanatical, fear driven demagogues posses their greatest level of power. Several Republicans jumped on the bandwagon s eeking to discredit a democratic administration and gain political points for future re-election and provide public assessment for a suspicious nation. Senator McCarthy, in conjunction with the U.S. House Committee on Un-American Activities, in 1950 sought to destroy any hint of what determined was subversive activity detrimental to the welfare of this country. On March 9, 1950, the Times reports a Senate subcommittee inquiry into Senator Joseph McCarthys changes that the United States government employed red sympathizers. McCarthy was the first witness, and homosexuality as well as Communism was an issue. McCarthy had earlier declared in the Senate that a flagrantly homosexual State Department employee, discharged as a security risk in 1946, had had his job restored under pressure from a high State Department official. (Katz, 91)On April 26, 1950, the Times reports: Senator Kenneth S. Wherry of Nebraska, the Republican floor leader, told the Senate that he had just been advised by the head of a Government agency that a man accused by Senator McCarthy of being a pervert, though not a Communist had resigned. (Katz, 91)On May 20, a Times news story is based on the testimony of police Lieutenant Roy E. Blick: Inquiry By Senate On Perverts Asked Hill and Wherry Study Hears There are 3,500 Deviates in Government Agencies. The inquiry was propose d on the basis of a priority preliminary study made by Senators Lister Hill†¦Kenneth S. Wherry†¦during which a Washington police vice officer said is was his own judgment that 3,500 perverts were employed in Government Agencies†¦he thought 300 to 400 of these persons in the State Department. (Katz, 93)On June 15, the Times reports: Pervert Inquiry Ordered†¦A Senate subcommittee was ordered today to investigate police reports that about 3,500 sex perverts held federal jobs, some of them in the State Department†¦The subcommittee intends to make every effort to obtain all the pertinent facts, but it will not transgress individual rights or subject any individual to ridicule, he asserted. Mr. Hoey further promised that he would not allow his investigation to become a public spectacle. (Katz, 94)On July 13, the Times reports that the House of Representatives, by a vote of 327 to 14, had passed a bill designed to permit department and agency heads to deal 3wi3th p ersons who are bad security risks because they drink too much, talk too much, are perverts or have similar failings. (Katz, 95)These excerpts are important in presenting a scenario of what activities were transpiring within the U.S. government against homosexuals. However, one of the most crucial documents in understanding the link between Communism and homosexuality and the subsequent vehement attack by the government towards homosexuals is the unabridged version of the 81st Congress Senate Document 2nd Session No. 241, Employment of Homosexuals and Other Sex Perverts in Government. (See Appendix A)This document is an accurate compilation of the personal biases prevailing, psychological and medical views on homosexuality, and the discrimination acts and political paranoia that existed within our government institutions. How was the government able to successfully carry out the types of discrimination and public harassment of certain individuals unscathed?The government employed several tools in ferreting out homosexuals in order to exact the political and social punishment they deemed was necessary. Islamic Art Essay SummaryIn conclusion, the 1950’s was a difficult and dangerous time for American homosexuals and they endured much humiliation and hardship, while the treat of financial, social, and physical security loomed large over their heads. The political actions by the government and the contributions by the medical societies created and encouraged an unjust, immoral and illegal treatment of a portion of America’s citizens based on prejudices, medical fallacies, political convictions, and religious dogma. The trials and tribulations suffered by the homosexual community during the era of McCarthyism reminds me of a poem. Pastor Martin Neimoller, a German Protestant minister who was interned in Nazi concentration camps from 1937 – 1945, spoke so eloquently on behalf of his personal nightmare and warns society against any future genocide:â€Å"In Germany they first came for the communists and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a communist. Then they came for the Jews and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics and I didn’t speak up because I was Protestant. Then they came for me – and, by that time, no one was left to speak up.†Appendix AEmployment of Homosexuals and Other Sex Perverts in Government? Introduction? Sex Perverts As Government Employees? Sex Perverts As Security Risks? Extent of Sex Perversion In GovernmentIntroductionThe primary objective of the subcommittee in this inquiry was to determine the extent of the employment of homosexuals and other sex perverts in Government; to consider reasons why their employment by the Government is undesirable; and to examine into the efficacy of the methods used in dealing with the problem†¦A number of eminent physicians and psychiatrists, who re recognized authorities on this subject, we re consulted and some of these authorities testified before the subcommittee in executive session. In addition, numerous medical and sociological studies were reviewed. Information was also sought and obtained from law-enforcement officers, prosecutors, and other persons dealing with the legal and sociological aspects of the problem in 10 of the larger cities in the country†¦In this investigation the subcommittee tried to avoid the circus atmosphere which could attend an inquiry of this type an sought to make a thorough factual study of the problem at hand in an unbiased, objective manner†¦For the purpose of this report the subcommittee has defined sex perverts as those who engage in unnatural sexual acts and homosexuals are perverts who may be broadly defined as persons of either sex who as adults engage in sexual activities with persons of the same sex†¦This investigation is concerned only with those who engage in overt acts of homosexuality or other sex perversion. The subcommittee found that most authorities agree on certain basic facts concerning sex perversion†¦Most authorities believe that sex deviation results from psychological rather than physical causes, and in many cases there are not outward characteristics or physical traits that are positive as identifying marks of sex perversion†¦Generally speaking, the overt homosexual of both sexes can be divided into two general types: the active, aggressive or male type, and the submissive, passive or female type. The passive type of male homosexual, who often is effeminate in his mannerisms and appearance, is attracted to the masculine type of man and is friendly and congenial with women. He exhibits no traces of femininity in this speech or mannerisms which would disclose his homosexuality. This active type is almost exclusively attracted to the passive type of homosexual or to young men or boys who are not necessarily homosexual but who are effeminate in general appearance or behav ior. The active and passive type of female homosexual follow the same general patterns as their male counterparts†¦Psychiatric physicians generally agree that indulgence in sexually perverted practices indicates a personality which has failed to reach sexual maturity. The authorities agree that most sex deviates respond to psychiatric treatment and can be cured if they have a genuine desire to be cured†¦Persons afflicted†¦should be considered as proper cases for medical and psychiatric treatment†¦However sex perverts, like all other persons who by their overt acts violate moral codes and laws and the accepted standards of conduct, must be treated as transgressors and dealt with accordingly. Sex Perverts As Government EmployeesIn the opinion of this subcommittee homosexuals and other sex perverts are not proper persons to be employed in Government for two reasons: first, they are generally unsuitable, and second, they constitute security risks†¦Perverts lack the emotional stability of normal persons†¦there is an abundance of evidence to sustain the conclusion that indulgence in acts of sex perversion weakens the moral fiber of responsibility†¦The presence of a sex pervert in a Government agency tends to have a corrosive influence upon his fellow employees. These perverts will frequently attempt to entice normal individuals to engage in perverted practices. This is particularly true in the case of young and impressionable people†¦One homosexual can pollute a Government office†¦Sex Perverts As Security RisksThe conclusion of this subcommittee that a homosexual or other sex pervert is a security risk is not based upon mere conjecture. That conclusio n is predicated upon a careful review of the opinions of those best qualified to consider matters of security in Government, namely, the intelligence agencies of the Government. Testimony on this phase of the inquiry was taken from representatives of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the intelligence services of the Army, Navy and Air Force. All of these agencies are in complete agreement that sex perverts in Government constitute security risks. The lack of emotional stability which is found in most sex perverts and the weakness of their moral fiber, makes then susceptible to the blandishments of the foreign espionage agent. It is the experience of intelligence experts that perverts are vulnerable to interrogation by a skilled questioner and they seldom refuse to talk about themselves. Furthermore, most perverts tend to congregate at the same restaurants, night clubs, and bars, which place can be identified with comparative east in many communities, making it possible for a recruiting agent to develop clandestine relationships which can be used for espionage purposes†¦Extent of Sex Perversion in GovernmentAn individual check of the Federal agencies revealed that since January 1, 1947, the armed services and civilian agencies of Government have handled 4,954 cases involving charges of homosexuality or other types of sex perversion. It will also be noted that the bulk of these cases are in the armed services as is indicat ed by the fact that 4,380 of the known cases in Government involved military personnel and 574 involved civilian employees†¦The military services, unlike most other Government agencies, traditionally have been aggressive in ferreting out and removing sex perverts from their ranks and this is bound to make for a larger number of known cases in the services†¦Many of the civilian agencies of the Government have been either negligent or otherwise failed to discover many of the homosexuals in their employ†¦Handling of the Sex Perversion Problem in Government†¦The subcommittee has found that many civilian agencies of government have taken an entirely unrealistic view of the problem of sex perversion and have not taken adequate steps to get these people out of government†¦In many cases the fault stemmed from the fact that personnel officers and other officials†¦handled the problem in accordance with their individual feelings or personal judgments in the matter †¦There were those who adopted†¦the false premise that what a Government employee did outside of the office on his own time, particularly if his actions did not involve his fellow employees or his work, was his own business. That conclusion may be true with regard to the normal behavior of employees in most types of Government work, but is does not apply to sex perversion or any type of criminal activity or similar misconduct. ConclusionThere is no place in the United States Government for persons who violate the laws or the accepted standards of morality, or who otherwise ring disrepute to the Federal service by infamous or scandalous personal conduct. Such persons are not suitable for Government positions and in the case of doubt the American people are entitled to have errors of judgment on the part of their officials, if there must be errors, resolved on the side of caution†¦This conclusion is based upon the fact that persons who indulge in such degraded activity are committing not only illegal and immoral acts, but they also constitute security risks in positions of public trust. The subcommittee found that in the past many Government officials failed to take a realistic view of the problem of sex perversion in Government with the result that a number of sex perverts were not discovered or removed from Government jobs, and in still other instances they were quietly eased out of one department and promptly found employment in another agency†¦Since the initiation of this investigation considerable progress has been made in removing homosexuals and similar undesirable employees from positions in the Government. However, it should be borne in mind that public interest cannot be adequately protected unless responsible officials adopt and maintain a realistic and vigilant attitude toward the problems of sex perverts in the Government†¦(Duberman, 181-185)Appendix BThe ten factors are:? Personality Structure – he is an injustice collector (psychic masochist), aneurotic who constantly created by means of his own unconscious provocation in which he fin ds himself behind the eight ball. He is seeking some form of defeat and humiliation. ? Fugitive From Women – On the inside (not renouncing of women) he is deathly terrified of women and hates with the compensatory hatred of a fear ridden masochist. ? Secondary Elevation of the Antidote, Man Against the Fear Object, Woman – he takes flight from women, thereby elevating men to the status of sexual attraction. ? Constantly Dissatisfied, Hence Constantly on the Prowl – he is cruising for short term partners, 2 minutes or better. He craves variety, possesses insatiable sex appetites, He has a poor and unsatisfying sexual diet and because he cruises runs the risk of beating, extortion attempt, VD or jail. ? Husband and Wife Camouflage – gay men claim biological femininity, every passive feminine is paired with active, masculine. They can be recognizable or not. ? Unfounded Megalomaniac Convictions of Superiority and Ubiquity of Homosexual Trends – They believe that at the bottom everybody has some homosexual inclinations. They cite historical examples of know or thought to be homosexuals like Walt Whitman to prove their legitimacy. ? Inner depression and Exorbitant Malice – Scratch a homosexual and you find a depressed neurotic. They use the term gay to ward off masochistic depression. Malice is pseudo aggression not normal aggression. Some pseudo aggression characteristics are:1. Used indiscriminately when an infantile pattern is repeated with an innocent bystander. 2. Object of aggression is any enemy in fantasy only; is an artificially created enemy. 3. Feeling of guilt always present. 4. Slightest provocation – greatest aggression. 5. Pseudo aggression often used to provoke the enemy’s retaliation in order to obtain. 6. Timing: Inability to wait, since pseudo aggression is used as defense mechanism against inner reproach of psychic masochism. 7. Easily provoked. 8. Element of infantile game present; combined with masochistic pseudosadistic excitement, usually repressed. 9. Defeat unconsciously expected. ? Inner Guilt arising from perversion – psychiatric meaning of perversion denotes infantile sex encountered in an adult and leading to orgasm. In short, a disease. ? Irrational Jealousy – irrational and violent jealousy unparalleled in heterosexual relationship. ? Unreliability as an Element in Psychopathic Trends – homosexuals live in conspiratorial atmosphere, utilize unsavory short cuts and detours or conspiracy (I’ve suffered so much). (Bergler, 54)BibliographyAbelove, Henry, Barle, Ana Michele Halperin, David, (Eds.) (1993) The Lesbian and Gay Studies Reader. New York: Routlegde. Adam, Barry, D. (1987) The Rise of a Gay and Lesbian Movement. Boston: Twayne Publishers. Bergler, Edmund, Dr. (1951) Homosexuality: Disease or Way of Life?Corsini, Raymond. (1994) Encyclopedia of Psychology. V.2, John Wiley and Sons, Inc. Duberman, Martin (1986) About Time Exploring the Gay PastD’Emilio, John. The Homosexual Menace: The Politics of Sexuality in Cold War America. Faderman, Lillian. (1991) Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers. New York: Columbia University Press. Katz, Jonathan. (1976) Gay American History. New York: Thomas Y Crowell.

Impact of IT in Food Processing for Communication - myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theImpact of IT in Food Processing for Communication. Answer: Introduction The report will discuss in detail about the overall impact of information technology on food processing industry. The industry is one of the crucial industries worldwide and the usage of IT in the industry is on the rise constantly. The overall use of technology is further expected to develop since the complete cost is decreasing resulting in the rise of profits. The important logic behind this is all the components are in the process of constant improvement and it further results in rigors of the culture of food processing (Stumbo, 2013). Organization further continues to get upgraded through different kind of facilities on tools as well as production and processes related to manufacturing. In addition it also helps in improving the overall quality and give products with high value. Technology further helps in providing new base and it assists in sustenance to have high quality products and also helps in reducing the cost as well as time collectively. Thats why, computer controlled machine plays an important role since it helps in producing the food product and it in itself very fulfilling (Da Xu et al., 2014). Significant of Information Technology The main responsibility of information technology is very important for every company these days and whatever is the size of the business, every company make sure to maintain a proper system and other type of vital data which assists the company to develop. Following are some of the benefits: - Communication: there are specific numbers of companies where concept of mail is the main source of communication which happens between among various stakeholders. From last so many years, there are other kind of tools as well that have helped over the years. Also it helped the workforce to interact quickly all across the world with the help of varied online meeting tools as well as video conferencing systems. Inventory management: while maintaining the inventory, it is crucial to maintain proper stock in ample amount to meet the overall demand. Management of inventory can further be discussed as a main tracker that helps in keeping a check on all the items in the company since it helps in maintaining and at the same time also send across a trigger to the organization when the overall quantity has to be maintained (Regier et al., 2016). Data management: in the present time, all the organizations consist of a strong digital base for number of documents to make the process faster as well as right. These documents can be found rapidly by everyone in the company and with no restriction at all. It is also associated with the geographic location as well. In addition organizations are also able to store as well as also maintain the data from first day in right manner. Management of customer relationships: companies are using information technology to improve the process to communication with consumer base and this further will assist in improving the overall relationships. The concept of CRM also assists n recording every communication of a company that has conducted with the customers as well (Stahl, 2014). Benefit of Information Technology in Food Processing Company As mentioned, IT can assist in providing a support with the interconnection that exist between internal as well as interconnecting base process by properly imparting a strong base by executing an effective business related process. There are two kinds of dimensions in this kind of business where IT really helps discussed in detail as below: - Any base for information that are mainly used to form an association and later also support the main core and additional based for operational process within every company are known to be on line with the present business systems. The main objective of IT is to ensure that process is actually followed by every sector of the company and also integrated properly along with solutions or applications. In right type of food assistance answers, such kind of application actually go through so many option like supporting the fundamentals like finance or the administrational functions along with logistics (Rodrguez-Roque et al., 2015). Technology assists in giving a platform as well as tools where information or knowledge can be used by sharing more and more and also collaborating. In fact, communication in stakeholders is based on many kind of process and such technologies can further be called as productivity related tools. The main objective is based on creation as well as encouragement of a culture with the help of building so many communities and such practices also consist of the guidelines (Epelbaum and Martinez, 2014). The technology related to solutions also provides a right kind of measure to provide number of platforms like website or learning with the help of management systems, development of content and tools and many more. The main issue here is to ensure that there is a presence of right kind of support for many applications that permits process automation in so many works (Epelbaum and Martinez, 2014). Subjects to Apply IT in Food Processing Industry Following are the list of disciplines that are discussed in detail below: - Nutrition: It is obvious that the concept of physics is an important concept for any food related subject. It helps the human body in giving so many kinds of minerals as well as vitamins. Physics: influence food processing company also give right kind of guidelines for food related safety that can help in preserving the nutrition related food and also make sure that the safety by properly control unwanted polluted components (Sun, 2016). Material science: the overall study is based on consisting the processes associated to packaging as well as understanding the overall texture or materials that can be used in increasing the overall flavors as well as many kind of nutrition. Chemistry: the subject normally assists in analyzing the food, executing of processes that improve the overall quality of food as well as also develops functional based foods. Biotechnology: the overall subject also consists of so many manufacturers of rice as well as juices and it assist in rise the beta based carotene related content in the food. Computer science: the basic application of computer science assists in evaluating the data as well as also manufacturing the food as per applying the control process based methods (Sun, 2016). Risks in IT for Food Processing The major amount of risk in IT is also causing so many kinds of cybercrimes which is a common practice and organizations are also experiencing so many kind breach. Companies and other kinds of food businesses are at some kind of risks and also impacts large amount of data as well as personal and financial level. The important example is a recent case of information as well as details of bank account that are maintained through files. Here a hacker is mainly accountable for the overall damage in the business by impacting the websites as well as creating the viruses that is solution for losses in physical place and there are so many kinds of computer tools. There is also a provision of liability related to cyber insurance that can cover the data associated to breach of services as well as expenses. It also consists of identity restoration, forensic analysis along with cost of so many notifications as well as more (Fernqvist and Ekelund, 2014). It is also crucial for the units for food processing to save the technology based tools as well as documents. It also train the staff based on the significance of security of data. Methods to Maintain of Information Technology in Food Processing Business Following are methods to maintain IT: - Infrastructure services: these services are further being explained with the help of basic kind of server as well as operating systems that assist middleware advertisements from front end services. Adaptation of technologies of new kinds of process which involve around customization as well as handling those elements in order to suit the method. This further means that adaptation the current methods which also assist in addressing many other issues in a manner or by also keeping new kinds of technologies (Ravichandran et al., 2013). Front services: this further related to those kinds of technologies that is handled directly by the consumers and it may further include some kind of software, hardware and communication systems. Middleware services: it is based on getting more clarity on some technologies that assist in providing some support to those techniques that any customer can be used and it comes with so many answers in the form of technologies like maintaining some kind of databases that helps in providing application based platform (Pankaj et al., 2014). Conclusion The usage of IT in the present food processing industry consists of many methods and it can be sometimes direct as well as indirect. From last so many years, IT has influenced the production based processes in so many countries. The overall benchmark related to output and input is actually have clarity on how data in IT has transformed over so many years and the overall participation in food processing has also impacted transformed completely. IT based work like an immediate for so many types of businesses like B2B and input from the overall impact of providing support solution needs for final demand by customers (B2C) (Pankaj et al., 2014). Lot of focus is provide on the detail while developing a revenue based business specifically in food processing industry and it consist of the freshness of raw material. It is also based on right kind of tools along with a dedicated team that is high on based on services. There are components that are associated with places which go through many solutions like legal cases, accidents or act of nature. It also covers an enforced act via through so many ungrateful people that can diminish a food business (Pankaj et al., 2014). Reference Da Xu, L., He, W. and Li, S., 2014. Internet of things in industries: A survey.IEEE Transactions on industrial informatics,10(4), pp.2233-2243. Epelbaum, F.M.B. and Martinez, M.G., 2014. The technological evolution of food traceability systems and their impact on firm sustainable performance: A RBV approach.International Journal of Production Economics,150, pp.215-224. Fernqvist, F. and Ekelund, L., 2014. Credence and the effect on consumer liking of foodA review.Food Quality and Preference,32, pp.340-353. Pankaj, S.K., Bueno-Ferrer, C., Misra, N.N., Milosavljevi?, V., O'Donnell, C.P., Bourke, P., Keener, K.M. and Cullen, P.J., 2014. Applications of cold plasma technology in food packaging.Trends in Food Science Technology,35(1), pp.5-17. Ravichandran, K., Saw, N.M.M.T., Mohdaly, A.A., Gabr, A.M., Kastell, A., Riedel, H., Cai, Z., Knorr, D. and Smetanska, I., 2013. Impact of processing of red beet on betalain content and antioxidant activity.Food research international,50(2), pp.670-675. Regier, M., Knoerzer, K. and Schubert, H. eds., 2016.The microwave processing of foods. Woodhead publishing. Rodrguez-Roque, M.J., de Ancos, B., Snchez-Moreno, C., Cano, M.P., Elez-Martnez, P. and Martn-Belloso, O., 2015. Impact of food matrix and processing on the in vitro bioaccessibility of vitamin C, phenolic compounds, and hydrophilic antioxidant activity from fruit juice-based beverages.Journal of Functional Foods,14, pp.33-43. Stahl, A., 2014. 11 Plant-food processing: implications for dietary quality.Foraging Farming,31, p.171. Stumbo, C.R., 2013.Thermobacteriology in food processing. Elsevier. Sun, D.W. ed., 2016.Computer vision technology for food quality evaluation. Academic Press.